Slot Machines

Netent is a slot machine manufacturer who produces some of the most popular online slot machine games available. While it's true that Aloha! Cluster Pays is one of their most popular casino slot machines, Netent has created a large number of other online slots over the years.

The following slot machines are among the most popular and famous in the Netent casino game library yes including traditional casino games and slot machines. You can play each of these machines for free on the NetEnt website. You can also play free slot machines if you register for a free player account on one of many online casinos. With a free player account you can also make a deposit so that you can play slot machines with real money to gain a chance to win big bucks.

Golden Grimoire

Magic has become a favorite subject for various books, movies, and television films. Celebrate your love of magic with this fun Netent game. A grimoire is a spell book that provides you increased power, which is a big part of what makes this game fun. You'll not only be winning money but casting spells and seeing their effects.

You match magical symbols over a gorgeous background and try to win big money. You can also trigger a variety of bonuses, such as the Sticky Mystery symbol, scatter symbols, and more to make the game feel more unpredictable and engaging. Like other magic-based Netent games, this one has a lot of love and attention.


When Netent started making slot machines, they produced a variety of machines of varying quality and popularity. They likely first hit it big with this machine, created in 2012. Though one of their oldest machines, it remains very popular and engaging.

Though the presentation is relatively basic, the focus here is on creating a rush and helping you win a surprising amount of money. For example, you can use Starburst wilds to increase your chance of victory as colorful graphics and beautiful sounds play.

Jack and the Beanstalk

The classic children's tale of Jack and the Beanstalk has been made into many different movies, television shows, and book adaptations. The relaxing casino version made by Netent uses humorous animations and detailed graphics to tell a fun tale.

Just as importantly, this game features many of the innovations that Netent brought to the online slot game. These include Walking Wilds, Free Spins, a multitude of bonus games, and much more. Have fun and relive this classic tale at Netent.


Although this game is one of the newest in the Netent library, it has quickly become one of the most popular. Its intriguing storyline features a surprisingly in-depth realization of a dystopian future world. You play four characters trying to protect their city from Deep Pockets, an evil villain who wants to take over the world. Of course.

During the game, each of your victories brings Deep Pocket closer to defeat. This success is enhanced even further during free spins, which adds multipliers to your potential win. If you somehow beat him with every character, you will win even more money in the Victory Bonus. With gritty artwork and a detailed story, this game is one for the ages.


After two top-rated movies, the fictional Jumanji board game was further immortalized in Netent's popular slot machine. This game utilizes a design style very similar to the board game, using a variety of natural elements like animals, the jungle, and waterfalls to create an appealing look that fans of the movies will love.

And the graphics are just the start of this game's fun. You'll get many of the same features as you get in other Netent games, such as free spins, bonus games, and much more. And while Jumanji doesn't necessarily bring anything to the board as far as Netent games, its presentation and its execution retain the high level of fun that make this manufacturer so respected.